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Right now Samsung C&T, an affiliate of Samsung Group, is considering whether to help build a new dirty coal power project in Vietnam, Vung Ang 2.

Yet at the same time, Samsung UK's Not a School program is teaching a course on "How to turn climate anxiety into positive action". If Samsung really cares about climate anxiety, then why is it considering building more coal power?

One thing is for sure: to ensure a safe climate, the world cannot afford to build any more outdated fossil fuel projects. No amount of greenwashing will change this simple fact.

Let's call on Samsung to prove that its concern about climate anxiety is genuine by confirming that it will not support Vung Ang 2.  


Not a school actions

If you have 2 minutes:

Pick one of the messages below and click the button to tweet it to @SamsungUK. Feel free to customise the message - it will be more powerful if you do. 

Is your concern about climate anxiety genuine, @SamsungUK? Despite your #NotASchool course on How to Turn Climate Anxiety into Positive Action, @Samsung is still considering building a new coal-fired power station in Vietnam, #VungAng2. #badcallsamsung

Hosting a course on climate anxiety will not greenwash the fact that your company is supporting coal-fired power, @SamsungUK. Prove to us that your concern is genuine: call on @Samsung to rule out building #VungAng2 in Vietnam. #notaschool #badcallsamsung

Is this a case of climate hypocrisy @SamsungUK? While your #NotASchool teaches a course on climate anxiety, @Samsung is considering building a new coal-fired power station in Vietnam. #badcallsamsung

If you have 5 minutes:

Samsung has released 3 videos on YouTube to promote its Not a School program. Get their attention by commenting on one of their videos - ask them how they can teach about climate anxiety in good conscience whilst considering building a new coal-fired power station.

If you see some comments by others on this same issue, be sure to like the comment so that it gets pushed up the page!

If you have 10 minutes:

Click the button below and leave a comment on Samsung's 'Not a School' website, telling them how you feel about the fact that they're hosting a course on climate anxiety whilst simultaneously considering supporting a new coal-fired power station. Note you will need a Samsung account to be able to log in and leave a comment.

If you are considering enrollment, or are already enrolled in the Not a School program (and especially the course on How to turn climate anxiety into positive action), be sure to mention that in your comment!

Here are the steps you'll need to take:

  1. Click the button above, then scroll down and click 'register here'

  2. Fill out the form to register for the course. On the next page, click 'Save and go to course'

  3. Scroll down and leave your comment!

see what others are saying:


People in Seoul, Tokyo, London, and California have responded to Samsung's support for coal, protesting outside Samsung stores and offices.


Diggers excavating a coal mine. 



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